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Sunday, May 22, 2016
 Displaying the Posters
14.15-14.30Opening Ceremony
Director’s speech
Organizational remarks
M. Piršel
(Slovak Republic): Pleiotropy of the ERCC3 (L1)

Workshop 1:

DNA repair and replication/transcription

Session chairs:B. Kysela, M. Piršel
15.30-16.15L. Mullenders (Netherlands): Nucleotide excision repair: captivated by genome integrity maintenance and human disease (L2)
16.15-17.00P. J. McHugh(United Kingdom): Activation of the XPFFANCQ nuclease during interstrand crosslink repair by RPA (L3)
17.00-17.30Coffee break
17.30-18.00Ľ. Čipák (Slovak Republic): Bridging the gap between splicing defects and genome instability (L4)
18.00-18.30L. Haracska (Hungary): Replication of damaged DNA: novel players and mechanisms (L5)
20:00-onwardsWelcome party/Wine degustation in the Chapel
Monday, May 23, 2016

Workshop 2:

Recombination and DNA double-strand break repair

Sesion chairs:L. Mullenders, P. J. McHugh
09.00-09.45G. Iliakis (Germany): Double strand break recognition and processing in cells of higher eukaryotes (L6)
09.45-10.15I. Belyaev (Slovak Republic): Radiation-induced DNA damage response and preleukemic gene fusions in human hematopoietic stem cells (L7)
10.15-10.45Coffee break
10.45-11.30L. Krejčí (Czech Republic): RAD51 filament is inherently prone to regulation by RAD51C/XRCC3 (L8)
11.30-12.00M. Chovanec (Slovak Republic): Post-translational modifications in the ligation step of NHEJ (L9))
14.00-14.30V. Rotrekl(Czech Republic): Missunderstanding in the crosstalk between base excision repair and microhomology mediated DNA repair triggers replication stress in human pluripotent stem cells (L10)

Workshop 3:

DNA damage/repair and toxicity

Session chairs:G. Iliakis, M. Dušinská
14.30-15.15A. Collins (Norway): DNA repair measured with the comet assay – a human biomarker (L11)
15.15-15.45M. Šramková (Slovakia): In vitro photoprotective effect of lavender oil (L12)
15.45-16.15Coffee break
16.15-16.45M. Kieliszek (Poland): Bioaccumulation of selenium in the cells of Candida utilis ATCC 9950 yeast (L13)
16.45-17.15D. Mániková (Slovakia): Selenium toxicity and DNA damage and repair (L14)
19.30-onwardsRefreshment/Poster Session
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
09.00-18.30Free day
 1. Záruby – Devil’s Glen, Occasional waterfall, Hlboča Valley, Molpir (Celtic settlement, 6th century BC)
2. Driny cave
13.30-14.30Lunch (for those going to Driny cave)
Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Workshop 4:

DNA Repair in clinics

Session chairs:L. Krejčí, L. Haracska
09.00-09.45B. Kaina (Germany): Targeting DNA repair and death signaling in cancer therapy with alkylating agents (L15)
09.45-10.15D. Heylman (Germany): Sensitivity of hematopoietic cells to ionizing radiation (L16)
10.15-10.45Coffee break
10.45-11.15J. Paleček (Czech Republic): Evolution, functions and pathogenesis of the Nse3 subunit of the SMC5/6 complex (L17)
11.15-11.45Z. Šestáková (Slovak Republic): Is DNA repair beyond good curability in testicular germ cell tumours? (L18)

Workshop 5:

Nanoparticles and DNA repair

Session chairs:B. Kaina, M. Chovanec
14.00-14.45B. Kysela (United Kingdom): DNA double-strand break repair: from nanoparticles to neurons (L19)
14.45-15.15M. Dušinská (Norway): Nanoparticles: a hidden hazard? (L20)
15.15-15.45Coffee break
15.45-17.30Free discussion time
17.30-18.30Folk dance performance
18.30-onwardsFarewell dinner
Thursday, May 26, 2016